Lyn – Emotional Wellbeing Coaching – June 2020


‘A few months ago I was in a situation where I was feeling that my needs were disrespected and I was unheard and misunderstood. This led to me experiencing an array of swirling emotions and thoughts and I felt very unsettled.

On Facebook, I saw an article and Masterclass offered by Rosie, ‘Horses as Teachers’ which was titled ‘Congruence is key to your emotional well being’, so I decided to sign up. I learnt that emotions are to be felt in our body and that they have valuable lessons for us to learn if we allow ourselves to feel and listen to them.

I decided that it would be beneficial for my personal growth and development to have some Emotional Wellbeing Coaching with Rosie. I live in Australia and Rosie offered coaching online via Skype, which was very convenient for me. I had fortnightly coaching for a period of a few months.

Rosies approach is very warm and genuine and I felt immediately relaxed and safe to share my thoughts, feelings, beliefs and experiences with her. I have learnt about different emotions and the processes to follow to allow myself to feel these emotions and the sensations they create in my body and to learn from them. I have learnt about my false self beliefs (self talk) and my Authentic self. I feel that I am becoming more emotionally resilient and can connect with my true self. I can calm my thoughts and get back into my body. I am now exploring different interests and discovering what brings me joy so that I can create a more fulfilling life.

This style of coaching has been a wonderful experience for me. I encourage anyone who feels that they need some support and guidance in their life to contact Rosie. I am truly grateful to Rosie for the coaching she has provided me. It would have been even more wonderful to have had a face to face session and in the presence of her beautiful horses as well. Who knows what the future may bring.’ ( Lyn – Australia)

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