Carol Powell – Emotional Wellbeing Coaching – June 2020


I have been on a personal journey for a number of years now and have been working through old belief systems that don’t serve me. I have an interest in inner child work and am always working towards healing childhood ‘trauma’. After setting up a business and running it on my own I started noticing lots of my ‘stuff’ coming up that needed looking at. Things like worrying about judgment, the need for approval, lack of assertiveness, fear of criticism, people pleasing, putting others’ needs before my own and not having the courage to speak my truth. I have had anxiety for most of my life which revolves around other people’s opinions of me and wanting to ‘be liked’ and worrying that people were upset with me. I really wanted to release these old patterns and be free form worrying about others thoughts about me.


My business coach recommended Rosie to me when she saw that I was struggling with pricing my services within my business. I struggled with charging the right amount of money and valuing my worth


I have LOVED working with Rosie. She is kind and compassionate and brilliant at what she does. She also explains things so clearly and links learning to her own life experiences. Right from the start I felt held and understood and not judged for my ‘crazy mind’  She saw me for my stories and patterns that have been picked up through my life and helped me to recognize my triggers and where they came from. I learnt to allow emotions to be felt, I learnt to ask these feeling for message that they had (maybe memories from the past when I was made to feel a certain way) and she helped me to understand them and release them. For example I was always worried about upsetting people and them being irritated by me. This transferred into my business when I felt unable to assert myself to my website designer.


After working with Rosie I have felt a sense of calm around asserting myself and speaking my truth. I realized that all the things that trigger me in adult life have a history form my childhood. When something feels hysterical, it is historical! Now, if I feel anxious and triggered I see it as something to learn and release. I simply have to do a body scan, turn towards the emotion and ask for information until I feel a softening of the feeling. Rosie also explained different emotions that we feel and what they mean. This was such a useful process. Rosie was also so supportive between sessions. I could email her with things that were coming up for me and she would always respond quickly and in great detail, making me feel reassured.


I am now calmer, more assertive and am not worried about others’ judgements.  I bounce back from things much more quickly and can see the bigger picture in situations. I feel happier and reassured to know that Rosie is there if something else comes up for me to work through. If I do feel anxious I know it is a message to look at.


If you are wondering whether to have a session with Rosie, DO IT!  It is liberating to lose the old belief patterns that don’t serve you. It helps you move towards who you want to be.

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