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Riding Coaching

Riding Coaching

Image of Rosie teaching riding. Rider coaching in Somerset near Bath and BristolI work with riders who have reached a plateau in their relationship with their horse or with their riding.

I believe the most important element to the relationship with your horse is ‘who you are’. The horse is an energetic, sentient being and is affected by your every breath, intention and emotion. Once you become calm and confident in yourself then you immediately become more effective in all of your interactions with your horse and with your training.

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I have a three pronged approach:

Firstly, I help riders to deepen their connection with their horse by helping them to become more aware of the non-verbal communication that exists between them. Once riders recognize how their intentions, emotions and beliefs translate into body sensations which impact upon their horse, and become aware of the horse’s subtle responses, they are able to take more responsibility for their way of being and develop a more mutually enjoyable relationship.

Secondly, I help riders to become more aware of the movement and suppleness of their horse and its connection to their behaviour; and also to their own posture and suppleness. For example, some horses are judged as being lazy when they are actually stiff in their shoulders or the rider has a tightness in their hips or thighs which is restricting the horse’s movement. By releasing tightness, tension and bracing patterns in the horse and rider the horse can move more freely and let go of any unwanted behaviour.

Finally I address the area of training, both on the ground and ridden. Time spent building a relationship with your horse through groundwork and establishing an understanding of his/her movement in hand is absolutely invaluable when it comes to the ridden training.
I have a classical approach to training. I believe that it takes time and patience to develop a relationship and the physical suppleness of horse and rider in order to improve the training.

As riders develop their connection and enhance the communication with their horses then confidence grows naturally. Lack of confidence can be as a result of a genuine fear of being hurt, fear of making a mistake, because of a previous bad experience or simply through a lack of knowledge.

I help riders to identify their mental and emotional blocks and then give them practical skills to move through them and find their natural confidence.

The combination of developing the relationship with your horse, improving yours and your horse’s suppleness and training in a way which suits you both results in a happy and confident mutually enjoyable relationship between horse and rider.

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Private riding coaching sessions tailored to suit the individual aims of you and your horse and which include elements of:

  • Rider personal and body awareness
  • Groundwork with your horse
  • Riding training
  • Flatwork, dressage and jumping

    This will help you to:

  • Trust your instincts
  • Deepen the connection with your horse
  • Improve your horse’s lightness & suppleness
  • Build confidence in your partnership
  • Enhance your riding skills

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Image of a rider on a horse, tuning in with the horse in the moment during reflective riding near bristol uk
Please contact me to arrange a time to talk through your situation and how I can help. If we think we can work together we can book in your first riding coaching session.

Most of my clients have sessions every 2, 3 or 4 weeks, giving them time in between to practice and integrate new skills.

Lessons take place at your home or livery yard or at an arranged hired venue.

I charge £40 per hour plus travel charges

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