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Equine Facilitated Learning Workshops

Equine Facilitated Learning Workshops

All my group workshops are themed, and the pathway that runs through them reflects the underlying philosophy of all my work – that your primary relationship to yourself is the wellspring that feeds all your other relationships. Your ability to connect authentically and deeply with the real you is the root from which everything else grows: your personal and professional relationships, your connection with your wider community, and your motivation and inspiration in choosing your own path through life.
image of some of the horses that inspire people during workshops inspired by eponaquest in somerset,uk

Each workshop uses a combination of coaching, theoretical discussion, creative activities and interactions with the horses. My three day workshops and longer programmes take place in Monmouth UK and venues across Europe.

The Connect with your authentic self workshop is a wonderful way to reconnect with what’s really important in your life, and for many, provides huge shifts and a life changing experience. It is also the pre-requisite in order to move on to the more intensive two-part NOW Programme, and it qualifies as an Eponaquest and Medicine Horse Way Introductory workshop.

The biggest gains are made when you commit to long term practice, and the real breakthroughs come when the personal themes that emerge during the workshops are integrated into your life. I therefore offer the option to buy a package, which combines two or more of my workshops with coaching sessions in the space between.

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2024 Workshops

Thurs 11th/Sat 13th April   Connect with your Authentic Self
Mon 6th/Sat 11th May        NOW Programme (Week 1)
Thurs 13th/Sat 15th June   Connect with your Authentic Self
Mon 22nd/Sat 27th July      NOW Programme (Week 2)
Thurs 15th/Sat 17th Aug    Connect with your Authentic Self
Thurs 7th/Sat 9th Nov        Connect with your Authentic Self

121 Sessions

One day or ½ day 121 sessions are available when they can be arranged for a day prior to one of my workshops. Whole day £450; ½ day £250.