Maggie Broadhurst – Connect Workshop – March 2020


Having joined Rosie for a Discovery Day in June 2019 I wanted to delve deeper into my journey of self discovery and explore what was holding me back in fulfilling my life’s purpose. As Rosie is an Eponaquest Instructor I knew that this was the workshop for me. Rosie’s approach is nurturing and right from the beginning you feel totally supported and know that you are in a safe place to look within and grow. It is my dream to train as an Eponaquest Instructor and understanding myself and the long held unhealthy patterns of behaviour that play out in our lives is paramount to fulfilling my dream.

Having 3 days in such a beautiful environment was in itself bliss, with Rosie’s guidance and extensive knowledge I was able to gain valuable tools to enable me to understand emotions as information, to be able to safely fully immerse myself into those feelings and understand where they originated from, when in my life I first felt that emotion and crucially learn to “Ask” what I needed to know from that emotion to be able to acknowledge it and move on. Working alongside the horses was so powerful, the experiential activities allow you to gain immediate feedback about your level of intent and understand when you are truly authentic, the horses show us this instantly. Since completing the Connect workshop in March this year I have been using the techniques practised on a daily basis. The Body Scan is beginning to be my constant partner, my fail safe route to listening and focusing on my body sensations as information and listening to the message given. Using this has enabled me to be more Authentic and leave my doubts “At the door”.

The workshop has given me a thirst for more knowledge and to continue on this journey of self discovery and to hopefully one day be able to support others to grow and live life in an authentic way. I would 100% recommend joining Rosie for her workshops as you will feel totally safe as she holds the space with complete respect. You will gain valuable insights into your own life’s journey and learn how to finally lay to rest that nagging voice that holds so many of us back from our full potential.

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