A group of horses grazing peacefully on a hill in the foreground with a view of the mendips in Somerset UK in the background

The Nature of Wisdom (NOW) Programme

If you are serious about investing in your personal development, the Nature of Wisdom is a beautiful gift to yourself.

This two-part advanced programme created by Carol Roush, founder of the Medicine Horse Way, is an intensive exploration of the Way of the Horse and a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation.

  • Find the inner guidance you need for the desire of your heart to become the reality of your life
  • Discover the true nature of who you are, and live your life with a deep sense of peace
  • Fall in love with your life and embrace your true purpose
“Discovery of your own authentic self is truly empowering, liberating and enlightening. The horses are generous in their teachings and so is the programme, carefully and sensitively crafted to meet your needs for your journey. Enjoy.” EF

Soul connection through the Way of the Horse

Rosie with one of the horses she uses in her equine facilitated learning workshops in somerset uk

The NOW Programme was created by Carol Roush (founder of the Medicine Horse Way) to help you turn on your light.

Experience two weeks of experiential learning, theoretical teachings, shamanic journeying and interactive experiences with horses. The programme is spaced over time allowing you to integrate and process the content.

Many guests on the NOW programme have felt drawn to horses from an early age, and use this deep and profound experience to continue and enrich their healing journey.


When you join us for the NOW programme, you will explore how to:

  • Distinguish false self from authentic self beliefs and behaviours
  • Develop intuitive communication with horses as your guides
  • Lead with your heart to build mutual respect in relationships
  • Discover blocks and talents hidden in shadow
  • Access your authentic self and open the door to innovative solutions to age old problems
  • Enjoy the authentic community and sacred space of possibilities
  • Transition from simply surviving to actively thriving

Is it time to turn on your light?

“I now get it, I now understand. The structure and process has helped me get meaning, clarity and focus on my journey to my true, authentic self. Thank you Rosie. It’s been emotional, challenging, transformational and we had fun too! From a non-horse person to a transformed shaman in love with the way of the horse and horses. Watch this space.” Angela

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Participants on the NOW programme - equine facilitated learning, standing with a horse in the uk

NOW as a step towards the Eponaquest or the Medicine Horse Way apprenticeship training

If you want to integrate the EFL methodology into your work, the Nature of Wisdom qualifies you to apply for the Eponaquest Apprenticeship in the US and the Medicine Horse Way Apprenticeship in Europe.

How to apply for the Nature of Wisdom

Once you have attended the introductory 3-day Connect workshop (or an alternative introductory Eponaquest or Medicine Horse Way workshop), you can apply for the NOW programme.

Note – it is sometimes possible to attend the equivalent in 1:1 sessions.
You may benefit more from the NOW programme if you take some time to process the learnings from your introductory course before applying for NOW.

Practical Information

Groups of a maximum of ten meet for one week on two occasions, with reading assignments and conference calls in between.

2022 Dates

Week 1 – Mon 11th/Sat 16th July
Week 2 – Mon 10th/Sat 15th October

Cost: £2,700 (including lunch each workshop day and workshop materials)

Payment terms:

£700 payable when you are accepted onto the programme
£1000 due 2 months before the programme starts
£1000 due 1 month before the programme starts

Venue: Trealy Farm, Monmouth NP25 4BL
Accommodation There is a variety of accommodation available at Trealy Farm and I can provide a list of local B & Bs.

Please Contact me for more information.

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