Joanne Elphinston – NOW Programme 2021

I came to the NOW programme having already attended three courses with Rosie, and having experienced some real insights in those, I was ready to immerse myself more fully in this unique process.

For me, Rosie is the ideal guide for deep personal transformation work. Firstly, she has walked the walk – so many coaches have the theory but not the authentic experience that makes Rosie’s deep capacity for compassion and support possible. She creates and sustains a very safe and non-judgemental space for real personal discovery to occur and makes it possible to sit with sometimes uncomfortable feelings while gently (but firmly when necessary) helping you to make sense of them.

I started with a willingness and eagerness to encounter whatever might arise to provide me with additional insight into myself, my behaviours and beliefs, along with the slight worry that “it might not happen”, whatever that might mean. There is no recipe or timeline that can apply to everyone, and it is hard to avoid a niggling concern that you might in some way fail to make any progress within the time frame. However, I did trust in the process, and this was much stronger than the worry, and as always, it was borne out, as I made some really profound discoveries – probably the most profound and helpful insights of my life. These have already transformed my relationship with my husband and my considerations for my future work and business.

I would definitely recommend a workshop with Rosie! Between her guidance, the structure of the Eponaquest process, and the horses as honest teachers, this is a unique opportunity to encounter yourself in a new way.

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