121 EFL 3 day workshop – May 2021


I realised I wanted to reconnect with horses, and also to know how Linda Kohanov’s work was related to work on emotions.  Since I have known I often don’t know what I am feeling this seemed like a real double opportunity.

I loved the three-day workshop, although of course on the first day a lot seemed very strange and unknown.  The stable was a lovely place to be, with the altar and all the books and images.

I am so pleased I chose the one-to-one option.  If it had been a group, I know it would have been hard to take my time and get my needs met, but you were able to work with my pace, and I could take my time.  I really appreciated your insightful questions, and the way you worked with me to find what I could cope with and couldn’t. I would now consider a group.

Bramble’s boundary setting was a revelation, so clear and yet quite happy to stay there.  It has really encouraged me to be clearer about my boundaries. The central idea that both emotions and the body have messages for me is revolutionary.  I am practising the body scan and reading and rereading the material about the emotions.  The explanations and distinctions between them have given me a real basis to build a relationship with my emotions.  The experiences of connections with the horses, particularly Bramble, gave me the body sensations and messages which made real the connections I have been reading about and longing to have.

I’d advise someone to weigh up the group/one to one option carefully.

I am glad I had watched the masterclass and would definitely make that part of the preparation.  I wish I had paid more careful attention to your map and instructions for finding the Hunters Rest and you.  I relied on my satnav which took me a very unhelpful route and landed me in the wrong place!

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