Akash Rose – NOW Programme 2021

I can’t remember exactly how I found out about you 7 years or more ago.. but this time I was interested to learn with someone who had come from a traditional background and had found this path along the way. Linda’s book ‘Tao of Equus’ is a beautiful combination of the esoteric and a grounded, lived reality working with horses on so many levels. So the fact you had been through Linda’s training was clearly a pull for me. I had also just taken on a young horse being into my life so I was hoping to get clearer ideas and ways to really tune into him from the start.

I love the way you walk your talk, Rosie. The way you held such a clear, safe and open space for us to process layers of old patterns and find tangible routes back to the roots of the issues was incredibly valuable. To be encouraged to share in a group in such an open and honest way, with fellow people also on the same journey of understanding, without getting too caught up in too many details of a particular ‘story’ was a breath of fresh air. The daily routine of body scans, meditation, intentions for the day and nuggets for the day were very helpful simple tools in harnessing a positively curious attitude to our emotions and thought processes. They were a great way of grounding and integrating this constant unfolding, deciphering, delayering that was supporting the letting go of unhelpful old patterns of thinking and behaving.

I have spent many years trying to develop self awareness, but what I realise now, after experiencing the programme with you, is how taking time to focus on using simple daily tools and ongoing self reflection is so necessary in order to truly integrate the learning and support a new way of interacting with myself, others and life as a whole.

Maybe its the time in my life where I can start to make real changes, especially in light of coming out of a very difficult period in my life, but this course has really help me to refocus on working through the old beliefs. The new tool, the body scan is also helping me to understand how closely linked the mind and body really are. I am now aware of how little patience I have with enduring any more mind crap that sends me an unhelpful, draining, downward spiral.

The learning from this course is incredibly valuable, really accessible and will support you in your everyday life. It also does not require previous experience or future plans to work with horses.

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