Helen Luckins – Connect Workshop – August 2017

Spending a weekend with Rosie and the horses on her Connect weekend has been truly transformational for me. I began the weekend with some apprehension as I am not familiar with horses and in all honesty was a little scared of being close up with them.

I am a therapist and have spent many years developing my self awareness and digging deep into my psyche. However this weekend has triggered huge shifts for me in my relationships and my self esteem. Somehow by acknowledging my vulnerabilities and using the messages from my body along with my connection with the horses, I have been able to locate and experience uncomfortable feelings and allow them to be released. In so doing I now feel more alive, more congruent with my true self and more confident both in my professional and personal life.

This work is hard to put into words as it is embodied, tuning in, getting in touch with my body using my breath, senses and intuition rather than cognitions. It has been powerful and empowering. Thank you Rosie.

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