Angela Ford – NOW Programme 2016

I now get it, I now understand. The structure and process has helped me get meaning, clarity and focus on my journey to my true, authentic self. Thank you Rosie. It’s been emotional, challenging, transformational and we had fun too!
From a non-horse person to a transformed shaman in love with the way of the horse and horses. Watch this space.

My first experience with horses was on the Discovery Day in 2015. I knew nothing about horses but I really enjoyed my first experience connecting with the horses. I then made the huge decision at the end of 2015/beginning of 2016 to have some 1-1 coaching sessions with Rosie. I had an intuition that the horses would be able to help me with the challenging issues in my life at that time. I was also beginning to realise that I had a natural connection with horses. A few months later I signed up for a 3 day workshop to discover more about myself and move through some emotional blocks.
I had really enjoyed my experience with the horses and some profound shifts had taken place. I decided to continue my journey and go deeper, trusting my intuition. I felt that the NOW programme was the next step on my journey and fitted in well with other personal development pathways I had been pursuing. In particular, my affinity with nature and the Shamanic way of being.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience on the NOW programme. It’s a programme of going deeper, as deep as you want. Although there is a three month break in between part 1 and 2 to focus on yourself and your journey, the key for me was continuing the journey independently over the following year. A year on and I am reflecting on my progress and dedication to my journey. During the programme I found it difficult to really focus on the theory side because of the processing that I went through. It is only now, in 2017, that I can reflect back in my mind on the theory having embodied and experienced all the emotional releases from a felt sense over the past year.
I would say that all the way through Rosie put me at ease with the horses giving me the confidence to do the work. She has always been supportive and it is evident that she has a passion for the work she does to help others.
Recently, I have discovered that I have a natural connection with horses for energy healing on both people and animals. Thank you.
Angela Ford, Somerset Illuminata Healing

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