Corinne Dumont – NOW Programme 2017

I wanted to do the NOW programme because I felt it was the beginning of a journey to reconnect with myself, the real one and maybe find my way through to the Eponaquest certification (I was not sure at that point). Reading Linda’s books, having attended a 2 day Introductory workshop and having spoken to Carol Roush, together with horses being a childhood passion, the programme’s benefits really resonated with me. Carol sent me to you and when speaking on the phone with you I felt a “click” and I also felt you knew what you were doing and where you were going. I have done a lot of personal development but found here the missing piece for me. Working with horses is very profound and intuitive. I felt it was a kind of missing link to getting back my real power which I could not really get to with all the other work accomplished. On the other hand, this “other” work got me back to the horses and the NOW programme!!

My main challenge was that I was in the middle of a turmoil and a power struggle within my own company. I felt I was in transition to a new “me” whether in a company or elsewhere. The programme really helped me to go through this chaos more confidently and also helped me get more emotionally steady by the ability to take some distance. You helped me with your modelling and your calm presence and also by the fact that you did not try to fix my problem while offering support. The main challenge was to identify the false self and my scenario (which is now quite clear!).

You are very powerful Rosie and very humble at the same time. You were very steady and modelling (because you include yourself in the group you are in effect positioning yourself as part of the group and learning with the group). You are clear, and I like clarity because I sense immediately when there is confusion. There was a good balance between practice with horses and group sharing. I felt a lot of freedom to be myself and even when I experienced vulnerability. I could not believe I could have improvised this dance with the horse the last day! I really discovered that I have a real talent connecting and driving the horses with fluidity. I could make all sorts of links with my corporate environment and my company. It improved my self confidence in my own intuition.

The programme has improved my ability to notice my false self and integrate new ways of behaving. This helped to let go of the situation I was experiencing with my own company without totally abandoning it (I could remain “there” and although I had pain going through the process I stopped betraying myself over the following months). The process I was going through with my company is not over yet. I am in a kind of “no man’s land” where a lot of things can actually happen and even reverse favourably. However, I feel that I am in the flow and connected to myself.

Rosie is great, she is clear, modelling and walks her talk. You will get great benefits from the programme, but to know which ones you have to go through it. So go, it great, it’s fun, you build your confidence, you learn how to set effective boundaries and how to involve your full body to be more empowered. You clarify your vision.


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