Ruby Cox – Connect February 2018

I was drawn to the workshop because of your honesty and grounded-ness in regards to this work/helping others. I think I mentioned this quote on the workshop but Pema Chodron says ‘compassion is not a relationship between the wounded and the healed but a relationship between equals’. I think this quote is probably the fundamental basis of effective personal development work. Having seen subtle manipulation and pity dressed up as ‘compassion’, it’s clear to see the difference between those who use words and spiritual ideas to bypass their own work, and those who turn towards their own darkness, getting to know it well enough so they can sit with others in theirs. I am drawn to working with you and the teachings of Eponaquest because you, and this body of work, embody the latter.

What was your experience of working with me?
You created and held a space for me to explore and contact myself more deeply. As a result, I got so much out of it on a personal level.

What is your situation since the workshop?
Totally inspired! Feel like my life purpose has been fuelled! Taking and beginning to integrate the concepts with my own horses has been really eye opening, I feel like I’m starting to get a glimpse of this finer level of energetic communication.

What would you say to someone else considering attending a workshop with me?
If you’re going to do it, do it for yourself and be open. (Also, the lunches are 5*, hats off to the cook).

How could I improve my work?
I’d love to be able to give some creative feedback here but for me it was a beautiful balance of theory/ work with the horses/ breaks/reflections, all held in what felt like a rather sacred space. I particularly enjoyed the daily poems.

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