Anni Tuffnell – NOW Programme 2017

I first met Rosie as a result of a search to find a coach who worked with horses, after reading The Horse Boy (an account of Rupert Issacson’s amazing experience with his autistic son and horses). I had also read The Tao of Equus by Linda Kohanov, leading me to the search for equine-facilitated human development programmes in the UK. Inspired by personal experience of Autistic children and adults I was drawn to know how this type of teaching could help.

Unbeknown to me the journey would evolve into my own personal development, guided by Rosie!

I completed the intensive and mind-blowing NOW Programme in the summer of 2017. In addition to a one-to-one coaching session with Rosie and her horses, this was the third course I had attended with her. So, I knew how Rosie worked and felt safe and comfortable in the environment she creates. It happened at just the right time in my life (serendipity!). Major changes were afoot for me and this course offered me the support and self-development process for me to progress and assess where, what, and how I was going to face the future.

I found it interesting that the course is split into two parts, with a couple of months in between, giving you the opportunity to continue working on yourself, sustain the awareness of the teachings, work closely with your fellow colleagues and with Rosie. Our communication in between the workshop weeks was by Skype, which worked well, making distance, different countries, and timelines not an issue.

The Programme was well balanced between practical sessions with the horses and study/discussions/meditations. The horses we connected with were wonderful and were a major part in our realisation and understanding of our true authentic selves. I often find myself remembering the wise reflection and activity of horses especially the ‘back to grazing’ metaphor, which will speak volumes to those ‘who know’!

The pace was steady, though intensive, supported by a beautiful environment and great guidance and teaching by Rosie and her fellow facilitator Ruth Tudor at her organic farm.

I found that the workshops I attended with Rosie, specifically the NOW Programme, have helped me to develop and opened me to continuing a process, which is endless. They have helped me believe in myself, have faith and to create a practice, although at times I still falter ‘to live in the moment’. From having experienced the NOW Programme, I learned specific teachings that embed and support me. I have my journals, teachings, and recommended readings to support me on my continued journey of self-development and am grateful to have found such a great open and supportive teacher in Rosie.

If you are looking for truth and honesty, and you have the courage and self-motivation to progress and develop on a deep level, attend Rosie’s amazing NOW Programme or one of her other workshops. Rosie offers empathy and integrity and is open to sharing that she too is continually learning and developing, which opens out the feeling of sharing a journey of discovery which is exciting. No course will be the same – all delegates have their own experiences and challenges and you learn from each other.

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