Corinne Dumont – Emotional Wellbeing Coaching – August 2020


I had been struggling with a professional challenge for quite some time. This challenge was just stacking up on other huge challenges I had been facing and processing for some years. Anyway, in the here and now: I had lost energy and my fighting spirit (in the good sense), but more importantly I could not reconnect to my calling, inspiration, joy and fun on a consistent basis, which I need to pull me forward.

I was moving 3 steps forward, 2 backwards. I was holding myself back and this is not who I am!

I had sought help from other coaches before, but they could not really help me deeply inside because true authenticity was key. I decided to call Rosie to seek her help, because I have worked with her before and attended her very inspiring NOW programme. She said she could not guarantee anything but “let’s try”! This is honesty I share! …

We did 8 sessions and Rosie guided me through her process. I could ultimately release old stuff from my past that were reactivated due to my current life’s challenges. As a result, in a couple of sessions, the sky cleared up and I found my own new pathway to get closer to my calling. With ease! I am working with horses and horse’s spirit like Rosie (even if we are different) and this experience really reinforces my confidence in the magical, amazing results that can be achieved in an instant with the lessons they teach us.

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