Sue Thomas – Emotional Wellbeing Coaching – June 2020

‘I started working with Rosie in June 2020, having recognised there were some blocks in my beliefs around money and abundance, nothing huge but it was definitely stopping me from moving forward.

I had created a group programme I wanted to run in June and yet after significant promotion had no one sign up to it.  In my mind I knew no one would before I created it – I believed things like semi passive income never worked out for me.

I worked with Rosie over the course of 4 sessions, clearing some old beliefs and building new ones.  I then promoted the same programme this September, with new beliefs and had 11 people sign up to the programme.  My goal was 10!

The work I did with Rosie, whilst very subtle, made some huge shifts in my beliefs and I can now see the results very clearly in the numbers signed up to my group programme.

Thank you Rosie – you truly are amazing!’

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