Alice Cuff – Connect Workshop – November 2016

Having had horse riding lessons with Rosie I had started to learn new ways of approaching situations. I was beginning to incorporate some of the tools she’d given me for riding, such as accepting my nerves and be open to why they were there, into my every day life and I was interested to find out what else I could learn.
I was at a place in my life where I was trying to make decisions that would shape my future, the self-doubt I carried around was holding me back and I wanted to be able to have the belief and strength to do what I wanted.

It was great to work through the tasks we were given individually, then coming together as a group and sharing as much, or as little, that we felt comfortable with. Being able to speak to the group gave me confidence in what I was discovering about myself, my true authentic self. The work with the horses then cemented these ideas, as well as bringing up new revelations for me. The horses knew more about me then I could ever had come to know on my own, but discovering this is helping me grow as a person.

As it’s now been a few months since attending the workshop I have addressed my working situation, meaning I can focus on studying and building my own business. I have more confidence to go out and connect with people, to share the work I do and be excited for what else is to come.

Do it!! It’s like nothing else you’ll experience. You will learn more about yourself, how you can help yourself and how you can allow others to help you.

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