Tamsen Garrie – Connect workshop participant.

The workshop was amazing.  Rosie’s knowledge of horses, her understanding of the material, her own personal journey and her coaching background all culminate in an exceptionally well thought through and well facilitated three days of self-reflection and inner emotional work, the results of which happen at a visceral level, so you know it’s permanent.   I was reminded of some things I was already aware of and made aware of some things about myself and how I present myself to the world that despite all the personal development I’ve done, I’ve never fully acknowledged.  It was profound.

Since the workshop, I have noticed a difference in how I feel about one specific relationship and I have become ‘aware’ of other material to read and watch that has also been very helpful.  It’s a journey of course and I am in no rush, but I know that my three days with Rosie and the horses has opened the door for me to embark on this part of it.

When it comes to living with purpose and being happy, including having meaningful and healthy relationships, being able to connect with your authentic self and come from that place is essential.  Working with Rosie on this course enables you to do this work in both an intellectual way and also in a way that achieves a shift at a level that many other methods don’t.  Aside from that, it’s a wonderful experience and a good excuse to take three days out for yourself.

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