Zena – Private EFL sessions 2016

I first had a Personal recommendation from a friend, which went to the back of my mind. Then when my doctor also recommended you I got an immediate and strong sense there was a reason this kept appearing on my radar. So, it was my intuition and belief I was meant to do it that finally brought me to your work. Serendipity. The universe.

It would take all day to list the challenges that were/are presenting themselves to me but the significant challenge was saying and meaning no to my son, without all the guilt and confusion it triggered. My brief experience with horses in the past taught me the importance of tuning in with other beings in order to find congruence, harmony and make mutual progress. I was hopeful that the horse work could teach me to apply it to my relationship with Gabriel.

It has been very uncomfortable getting into my body, asking my body and listening to my body as I habitually disassociate. It has also highlighted issues with authority by being asked to get into your body! But you do a grand job of bringing me back every time I try to talk myself out of it.

Horse work is by far the biggest paradox I’ve ever experienced. It could all too easily be dismissed if you don’t have an open or curious mind…. Insights feel so blindingly obvious and can seem almost too simple yet, once these seemingly subtle truths filter through your being, they are shockingly profound. I’ve been on a very long healing journey, done decades of therapy and emotional work. I suspect much of this has led me to be ready for the revelations in the horse work, but I have discovered more insights and revelations in the sessions with you than I have throughout all the years of therapy.

My husband even made a comment about this as he can see how much I get from it and suggested that I reduce counselling and see you more regularly! For him to notice is saying something.

There’s a truth and honesty about your work that is very refreshing and reassuring. You’re constantly sharing your journey, which takes out the stigma and shame of me sharing my false self and helps me feel less isolated in my journey.
What I’ve noticed most about the results is how much I am able to see and (most of the time) separate myself from my behaviours, patterns and beliefs. I’m more of a witness to my stories than a compulsive victim of my stories.
It’s a ripple effect that is still unfolding so ask me again in the future as I’m sure there will be plenty more feedback.

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