Vee Holmes – Emotional Wellbeing Coaching – April 2020

“I originally booked to do a weekend workshop with Rosie and her horses last year but decided to do a set of 4 online emotional coaching sessions instead.

I’d spent many years in traditional style therapy but found my trauma was very much stuck in my body and no amount of talking therapy alone would heal it.

What I really needed was to allow myself to be vulnerable enough to feel the trapped feelings/pain so I could move through it and take the necessary action and after 2 sessions my prayers were answered. The tears that had been trapped inside all my life were bring released and I was starting to heal. I was amazed!! Rosie would gently remind me that my body was capable of healing if I trusted and let go.

It’s 7 months on and my healing has gone from strength to strength.

The tools Rosie has taught me will be part of my well being routine for life now. I’m now able to follow my dream of starting the process for adopting our second child and I’m incredibly grateful to Rosie for helping to empower me to follow this dream. She really is a blessing.”

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