Tamsen Garrie – Trust March 2018

I had attended a DISCOVERY session previously and also the 3 day CONNECT Workshop and had enjoyed the time and space to focus on my personal growth as well as the incredibly interesting and insightful content and activities with the horses. As a coach and therapist myself, I am often aware of my tendency to anticipate or second guess questions and activities when in personal development environments and to go into analytical mode, assessing the reason behind the question or activity, rather than just doing it, which impedes on me receiving the benefit.
Even with this self-awareness, it has been challenging to break the pattern and the CONNECT workshop broke that pattern in quite a remarkable way. The personal insights and deep emotional shifts that occur through this work are not experienced intellectually, or even emotionally – They are experienced viscerally. And once the awareness and acknowledgement is there, there’s no going back to how it was before – you are compelled to change something. I knew immediately that I wanted to do the four-day TRUST Workshop and to take this work deeper and I knew I wanted to work with Rosie, because I’d already seen the transformation potential.

Rosie personifies this work in every single conceivable way and that’s essential for anyone teaching authenticity. The content is great, but it would be 50% as great were it not for the personal perspective Rosie is able to share so openly and generously, demonstrating the teaching in a way that it becomes undeniable and you have to take it on board.

Then, when you take the learning out into the arena and practice it through the interaction with a horse, the experience is in real time and the learning occurs at a level far deeper than intellect or emotion. It goes into the body and it stays there, to permanently inform and guide you and as a reminder until you change something.

During the TRUST workshop, I learned something about myself that I can’t believe I was never aware of before. In fact, no, that’s not true. I believe I was aware of it, but that I had not acknowledged it and instead had resisted it. This insight was a shock on one level and on another level, it was a relief to have certain relationships and feelings make sense and I left the workshop feeling lighter than I have done for many years. I have since used that information to play around with certain scenarios and have seen improvements in my physical and mental ability as a result – and it’s only been two weeks.

If you value your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and if you want to develop as a person in any capacity at all, learning to connect with and trust in you ‘true’ self is essential. Having done a lot of personal development work, much of it brilliant, I believe that you will not find a body of work or an experience more profound than this.

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