Julie Barnes – Connect workshop – November 2022

I was inspired by the work of Ruby Cox (Eponaquest Instructor) while volunteering with her. Her practice resonated with my way of being and working as a person-centred counsellor and soul midwife – bringing the skills and qualities of presence, authenticity and compassion.  Working with the whole person, and as a whole person, we talk about ‘self as instrument’ and much of the work requires us to be sure that we are developing and looking after ourselves so that we can be at our best, most open and offering the best to clients.  I came to the workshop to experience this while working with horses and the unique contribution that they can make to this kind of development.  Personally, I am in a transition in my work and life and believed that this workshop might help to clarify my priorities and direction.  I wanted to deepen and explore more deeply my connection to my own authentic self and experience what the hoses might have to teach me.

I loved the workshop in every aspect – the setting at Trealy Farm, the professional facilitation and resources provided by Rosie, the care for our comfort and safety, and the horses.  I liked all of the exercises and space for reflection, particularly the work on clarifying and holding boundaries; reading body language (my own and with the horses); the balance of power and gentleness; and the interaction of energy and intention working together.   I also worked with my own vulnerability and courage in finding new and unfamiliar ways of working.

I have learnt a lot about myself and my own ways of being.  I am continuing to work with setting and holding clear intentions and working with my masculine and feminine energy to support me in my path.  I liked the embodied work very much and the practice and resources for doing our own body scan have been very helpful in listening to my body and my inner wisdom.  Love the idea of perceiving, asking, acting and ‘back to grazing’ as a way of working with emotions as information.

Have a go – there is lots to learn in a safe and encouraging environment.  Whether you are familiar with horses or not, they have lots to teach us.  Rosie is a fabulous facilitator who helped me to work with my own doubts and vulnerability and to find the courage to have a go, with successful results.  A very constructive, safe and inspiring learning environment.

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