Here are some tips to help you get through the day, based on my own practice. There is no one way to become emotionally resilient and, many of you will know that, I would advocate that you find YOUR OWN WAY! I hope that some of these tips are helpful and if so, you can integrate them into your own daily practice.

➢ Create a routine/plan – if possible, create a skeleton plan for the whole week, but at least create a plan for the following day, before you go to sleep.

➢ As soon as you wake up – become aware. Body – Notice your body sensations and do a body scan (link to my guided body scan here). E.g. notice the tightness in your chest, the rumble in your stomach, the softness in your eyes. Then quietly ask what information the sensation holds for you and be open to the answer, which could be a word, image or memory. Then notice the sensation soften – if only a little.

Mind – Notice any thoughts which are going through your mind and maybe write them down. If you notice fearful and anxious thoughts, you may also notice ideas and creative thoughts and so it’s helpful to capture them on paper.

➢ Do a meditation or read something inspirational

➢ Focus – throughout the day make a deal with yourself to focus on the tasks in front of you, one at a time

➢ Take lots of breaks

➢ Eat nutritious food

➢ Connect with a family member or friend (or even someone you haven’t spoken to for a while) via phone/WhatsApp/FaceTime – or even arrange a group chat

➢ Be informed – but limit how much you watch to avoid overwhelm

➢ Reflect on what you have achieved during the day

➢ Write down 5 things you are grateful for

➢ Check your plan/routine for the next day

➢ Do a meditation – (you can find many guided meditations on YouTube or download an App, such as Calm or Headspace)

➢ Sleep

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