When does taking time for yourself become a necessity?


When does taking time out  move from being ‘a nice idea’ to a ‘necessity’?

I quite often speak to people who say “I’d love to come on one of your courses Rosie, but I just can’t fit it in.” At that point it’s not a priority!

One of these people contacted me this week and said, “I NEED to come on one of your courses Rosie, when can you fit me in?”

What’s changed?

This client’s business has taken off, she’s very successful and loving it, but she is now feeling overwhelmed. Some of her personal relationships are being challenged and it is now impacting on the enjoyment of her life.

Unfortunately, for many of us, including myself, we must hit the wall before we stop and take time out. We have a crisis of some sort – we may experience the loss of a loved one, a challenge in a relationship, a change of job/career, an accident or illness. The crisis literally stops us in our tracks and forces us to take time out so that we can begin to see our truth. For me it took a fall from my horse Jack to realise that I was trying to hide my vulnerability. I didn’t want to acknowledge my feelings of fear and vulnerability. However, the enforced rest opened a window for me and an opportunity which has shifted my relationship with vulnerability and transformed my life.

When we’ve been around the block a few times, we realise that taking time out from our busy lives is a necessity. We experience the benefit of self-care and plan ‘down-time’, healing, personal or spiritual development into our lives. For me, and many of my clients, this can include walking in nature, retreats, holistic therapies/treatments, yoga, dancing, riding and many more.

It can be a self-practice built into every day, in the case of yoga, meditation or walking. It can be a weekly class supported by a teacher or facilitator or it can be an immersive experience where you take a chunk of time away from your busi-ness and everyday life for a day, a weekend or a longer retreat or programme.

I’ll never forget my first private session and two-day workshop experience of Equine Facilitated Learning. I felt a huge benefit of getting away from everyday life (as I knew it!), the ‘to do’ list and the chores and to ‘switch off’ from my story ‘I haven’t got time to stop’! I turned off the interruptions of my phone, social media and email. The experience was life changing and inspired me to train to offer this opportunity to others.

I typically have two types of clients, those who come because they have hit a crisis and need to stop and take time to connect back to what is really important to them and those who come because they know the importance of integrating personal and spiritual development into their lives.

Simply being in nature and in the presence of horses has a positive impact on our brain and heart (our mental and emotional well-being).

As you connect with nature and the horses and enter a reflective experience you begin to connect back to yourself – your feelings and emotions, your authentic beliefs about yourself and your life and your true desires. You become more aware of the mental and emotional blocks to your happiness and can move through and release them. You gain clarity, a new perspective and become re-energised.

The interactions with horses take our ability to shift old behavioural patters to a whole new level – “we literally experience the shift viscerally and once the awareness and acknowledgement is there, there’s no going back to how it was before”.

If this resonates with you, you may be interested in my blog ‘Just Be Yourself’ and how I began to access my authenticity.

I run workshops and offer 1:1 Coaching, whether you want to ‘Just Be’ in nature in the presence of horses or you want to shift old emotional patterns which are stopping you from connecting with what you really want in your life.

Contact me to find out how I can help you. The added bonus is that when you feel good about yourself your ‘good feeling’ energy will ripple out into the environment around you.

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