What is the NOW Programme and is it for you?


“Horses know that everything changes…constantly.” 

This is a wisdom that can only come from experience which is exactly what the NOW programme aims to teach. 

NOW means the Nature of Wisdom and when you think about what wisdom actually means you may think it is knowledge. In actual fact, knowledge is just one part of it. Wisdom is also made up  of experience and good judgement. The nature of wisdom is being in the now and letting the solutions flow. By being in the present moment we allow ourselves the space to see our lives more clearly and recognise what no longer serves us. The limiting patterns and habits that we need to shed or reframe in order to move forward with a sense of clarity.

In the NOW programme you will build on your wisdom through knowledge and experience of interacting with horses and nature. You will also explore the relationship of your own nature (ie: emotions, intuition and hidden talents) and your relationships with others.


Image of a dream catcher with the text "Right now you are standing on the precipice of change. And you may be feeling like it might be too much for you. But it is not. Too much. It is just the right amount to get you where you need to be. You may be feeling that the change is so big that it will swallow you up. But it will not. It is here to birth you into a new dimension of you that is yet to exist."


So, what is the NOW programme and is right for you?

NOW was founded by Carol Roush who trained and worked with Linda Kohanov (renowned horse trainer, speaker and author of Way of the Horse) and is facilitated in the UK by myself. Carol created the NOW programme in 2011 as an advanced personal development programme and “an opportunity to step away from daily life to develop a deeper connection to your daily life.” 

In the NOW Programme horses show a way to increase self-awareness, to transform your life, family, relationships, work and community.  You learn how to communicate authentically, set healthy boundaries whilst respecting others, and see a greater perspective of what is possible in your life.


“Rosie’s depth of understanding is born of her own experience, and she encapsulates a living example of the process, inspiring truth and enormous trust. In short, the course was, via the ripple effect of emotional resonance and intelligence – profound on both a life and world altering level for which I offer my perpetual gratitude.”


To enable you to access a deeper connection with your authentic self we will use meditation, knowledge and teachings (emotions, belief systems, body awareness, the transition process), community building, conflict resolution, shamanic journeying, reflective and active interactions with horses (individual and collaborative), the opportunity to walk in ancient woodland and beautiful surroundings and creative activities. With this in mind, the NOW Programme is right for you if you want to: 

  • Develop a more expanded, authentic self
  • Live from a larger perspective of who you are
  • Create authentic relationships
  • Develop your communication building skills
  • Learn how to apply the following principles into your everyday life; congruency over conformity, authenticity over perfection and adaptability and inquisitiveness over methodology
  • Discover the true nature of who you are and live your life with a deep sense of peace no matter what happens
  • Find the inner guidance necessary so that the desire of your heart can become the reality of your life

When you join us for the NOW you will:

Explore experiences in the following areas:

  • Distinguishing False Self from Authentic Self Beliefs and Behaviours
  • Discover blocks and talents hidden in shadow
  • Access your authentic self and open the door to innovative solutions to age old problems
  • Mindfulness practices including meditation, drumming and shamanic journeying
  • Developing Intuitive communication with horses as your guides
  • Connect through movement; the courage to feel and the willingness to act
  • Lead with your heart to build mutual respect in relationships
  • Transition from merely surviving to actively thriving
  • Creating authentic community and sacred space of possibilities


“I had a lot of things surface for me right before the start of the programme and I found myself feeling incredibly vulnerable. Looking back this was perfect timing! I found myself feeling completely safe to work through this, and to get past one of my difficult to shift beliefs “I am taking up too much time”.


“In the end, what horses know is that everything changes…constantly. They teach us to be mindful of the present moment, free of preoccupation and judgment. We heal the past by being in the present and free the future.  It is then that we are automatically imbued with lightheartedness; it is then that we can step far enough from our old survival beliefs and behaviors to make room for imagination, creativity, a sense of humor, self-acceptance, and loving kindness that are at the core of our authentic selves. It is from this connected place within that we discover the true nature of who we are, create authentic relationships, and live in peace.” – Carol Roush 

The NOW Programme is for those who are curious to explore their connection with horses and nature, psychology and spirituality, and how they can bring all of these together in the next step of their life journey. 

The NOW Programme is the pre-requisite to apply for the Medicine Horse Way Equine Experiential Learning Apprenticeship in Holland or the Eponaquest Apprenticeship for therapists, coaches and trainers who want to integrate this methodology into their work. 


“I would recommend the NOW programme for those that are truly open and invested in self development or rather self – shedding!! (shedding of old beliefs and perceptions). Despite the depth covered over the 2 weeks, just like life: this is only a moment in time.  However, on completing the course, the sign posts and directions have become clearer, and  you leave feeling that you are able to trust intuition and your authentic self to step into the next phase of your life’s journey.” 


You can read more about the NOW Programme and how to apply here or listen to a past attendee speak about her experiences, what made her join the NOW programme and how it has benefitted her in every day life here.


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