Vicki – Emotional Wellbeing Coaching June 2019


1) What made you choose to have coaching with me? 

I heard the fantastic work you were achieving with other clients and I would always go with a great referral. My challenges were to overcome the issues of judgements and conflict particularly with working with clients and getting paid for my time.

2) What was your experience of working with me during these skype coaching sessions? 

I love the body scan. This holistic approach is very me and I completely got it. I’m very in-tune with my body so understanding the awareness through the sessions has helped me incredibly. I also enjoyed the fact that new realisations would be drawn out and new approaches and processes were given particularly with the emotion chart. I was worried that the processes would be forgotten but my subconscious has kept them at the surface to dip into whenever I need reminding of how I deal with a conflict situation. I love the going back to grazing technique too. Because I’m visual I got this straight away.

3) How has this coaching helped you? 

I feel much more assertive with my clients now while still being kind. I value my time even more. I have also found that when I do charge correctly and put boundaries in place, clients are more understanding of the work I do as I’m being really clear on why there is a charge. Regarding the judgements side. I now say to myself that if I’m true to myself and happy with what I am doing and how I live it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

4) What would you say to someone else considering a series of coaching sessions via skype with me?

I’m recommending you already and I’m listening to the keywords when friends are having troubles so I can point them in your direction. I tell them my story of how I worked with you, so they understand the processes and the outcomes.

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