Tracie Bowman – NOW Programme 2019


I had two reasons for attending the NOW programme, one as a prerequisite to go on to facilitator training and the other to continue learning about myself and to access skills to work through some blocks I had.

Having worked with you previously Rosie, both in workshops and 1 to 1 coaching sessions, I was confident you could hold the space for me to access some deep held beliefs that were holding me back, whilst giving just the right amount of encouragement and guidance.

I had a lot of things surface for me right before the start of the programme and I found myself feeling incredibly vulnerable. Looking back this was perfect timing! I found myself feeling completely safe to work through this, and to get past one of my difficult to shift beliefs “I am taking up too much time”.

The programme is so well thought out that it can accommodate whatever shows up whilst still delivering everything it has to teach. The level of support the NOW programme provided through yourself, Abbie and the other participants was amazing. It was an honour to share in everyone’s experiences.

After each workshop with you I have come away feeling much more aware of my feelings and needs and of how important it is to look after myself and not just everyone else.

To anyone considering taking a workshop with you I would say DO IT! SIGN UP! When I attended the first workshop, I felt so blocked that it took me a while to begin to find myself (the real me!). I found the 1 to 1 phone coaching sessions between workshops helped me to get things moving.

Thank you for your great work and your willingness to share it whole heartedly.

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