Sue Francis – Personal Development 2 day Workshop

“I went to Rosie in hope of collecting a little golden nugget of knowledge and/or experience that I might take away with me for the good of my future equine interactions. I came away with the feeling that I had struck gold! It was the first course that I have ever been on that was addressed exclusively from the emotional perspective of the horse and the person, and my intuition kicked in to tell me as such in a very overwhelming way the second that Rosie walked into the room (prior to which experience has taught me to have no pre-conceived ideas).

For me the course hit the bullseye first shot with the ingenious way in which it was geared towards connection through authenticity whilst keeping the person safe with a language the horse understands – setting of energetic boundaries. I was in awe of Rosie’s ability to deliver such a powerful message with such an easy feel and because it struck such a chord I hope that I’ll have the opportunity to learn from Rosie again.”

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