Sue Francis – NOW Programme 2015

“On the NOW Programme you will reside in complete honour and support of your own uniqueness.
In combination, the power of the process and quality of facilitation, serves, through volitional recognition of vulnerabilities and self-limiting patterns to illuminate the authentic essence of each participant, in a way akin to that of an archaeologist, unearthing a delicate and precious artefact.
The experience, which is underpinned by integrity and the deepest of wisdom is both practical and spiritual in equal measure. The presentation of information research lends itself to sophistication in a simplistic, but pin-point format.
Contained within the courage of processing one’s own vulnerabilities, exists the opportunity to reap, enhance and discover the deep innate qualities that constitute our own specific and unique gifts to the unfolding of creation.
Rosie’s depth of understanding is born of her own experience, and she encapsulates a living example of the process, inspiring truth and enormous trust.
In short, the course was, via the ripple effect of emotional resonance and intelligence – profound on both a life and world altering level for which I offer my perpetual gratitude.”

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