Sara Culver – Reflective Riding client

“Born with a desire to learn and always looking to better myself I contacted Rosie for riding lessons. I was mainly looking to build on my confidence along with my knowledge of flat work and general riding ability, and have lots of fun along the way.

After only 4 months Rosie has taught me so much about body awareness when riding and I can actually feel that my riding position is LOADS better. As a result of this my confidence and self-esteem is also growing. Each lesson builds nicely on the last lesson and seems to slot together like a jigsaw puzzle, gradually creating a better picture each time.

Rosie is extremely clear in her advice and instructions, and this coupled with her wealth of experience, and patience creates a lovely learning environment. I am currently getting a lot more enjoyment out of my riding these days, as I tend to focus more on the positives and what has gone well. I am also finding I am using this approach (naturally, without even trying) in my career and my outlook on life which is really helping me.

Thank you Rosie for so much in such a short space of time, and look forward to benefiting and learning so much more from you as my lessons continue”

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