Diana – Discovery day – March 2017

I came to the Discovery day for clarity on what you do and to find out more about the system and set up. Curiosity was the driving motivation, for I have read Linda’s book. I had nothing concerning me at all, then! I didn’t think I was in need of help!

It was fabulous. Very warm, and comfortable. I have to be 100% honest, I felt grounded and alive and connected and though I have had experiences with horses that blow my mind in so many ways I cannot describe to you the power of what Jack regurgitated and that was the power of the whole day for me.

I loved the process, I so enjoyed working with you and now I have a lot more to work on, on myself, which, I had thought I had dealt with and buried and thrown away long ago. Even my body talk lady in South Africa said how balanced I was throughout some very traumatic experiences! BUT Jack brought out stuff I had not even thought of for nearly 20 years!!! That’s powerful. I think it has thrown me off a bit, but given me a lot of food for thought.

I will now grieve the loss of my 36 horses in South Africa, most of which I never said goodbye to properly, because it was too painful. I know the process and will take my time.

I will definitely recommend the work you do. Enlightening and very insightful.

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