Claire Salmon – Reflective Riding client – Riding workshop

“I went to Rosie’s workshop because I was fed up of feeling stuck and frustrated in my ridden work. I felt totally disempowered, and it seemed like the connection I was craving with my lovely mare was forever alluding me. I knew that a big part of this was to do with the pressures I placed upon myself and my own beliefs but I didn’t have the tools or insights to make any progress.

After 2 days with Rosie I left with the wisdom that the frustration and ‘stuckness’ contained powerful messages that could help me increase my awareness and re-connect with my own innate ability. I learnt that I could use those feelings as information, and that acknowledging my feelings allowed me to find the message behind them, rather than judging myself or sinking further into frustration. As a result of tuning into this body wisdom, I was able to manifest huge shifts in the way I connected with my mare. I discovered my ability to observe what was happening from a position of curiosity rather than judging it as poor performance, or evidence of my lack of skill. With this ability I was much more able to connect with what was happening in my body and to gain direct feedback from these feelings, and this in turn enabled me to better interpret what was happening with my mare and how she was responding to me.

This shift has opened up new possibilities and enabled me to challenge long held limiting beliefs. I am excited about this new found curiosity and openness, and feel empowered again in my ridden work. This insight into the wisdom that is inherent within my body has already improved my ridden work, and I know the impact will be positive in my relationship with my horses and in life more generally. Rosie is a supportive and intuitive coach, who helped me to discover the solutions that were already within me, but had become obscured by fear and anxiety. I could not recommend this workshop more highly.

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