Charlotte Maguire cert ECBS, RFCES – Reflective Riding client

“Before my first lesson with Rosie I really struggled to keep my horse soft and fluid in her work, especially through her transitions. I would always say that my horse was a typical chestnut mare, quirky and misunderstood; little did I realize it was me that was misunderstanding. I have had only two lessons with Rosie and am amazed at the results. She has shown me how to truly connect with my horse and begin to understand how and why my horse reacts to my riding body language.

Rosie is great at teaching me to be aware of my own body and its effect on the horse. She is very patient, giving me the time I need to recognize old habits, listen to my horse’s reaction, change and improve my way of riding. I can move forward with new, effective habits that allow my horse to perform at her best. Ten days after my first lesson with Rosie I went XC schooling and it was like I was sitting on a different horse. It was the first time she really wanted to go for a gallop and felt happy and completely comfortable in herself. It was the first time I felt like she really wanted to go forward into all the fences and she was flying over them all (including going down steps which previously she completely refused to do at all).

Her attitude to schooling has also completely changed. She now focuses and stays calm and soft through her body whilst she listens to what I’m asking her to do. I feel my riding has improved dramatically after just two lessons and I already have a much stronger and deeper connection with my horse which is shown by how much better she moves and performs.”

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