Positive Thinking

Have you tried the positive ‘thinking’ stuff and it doesn’t really work for you?

Yet have you noticed that when you wanted something and you just ‘knew’ it was going to happen that it did, but because you ‘knew it’ you didn’t consider it so remarkable!

Well, that’s the key!  The key to positive thinking working is that you actually have to ‘know’ in every part of your being that the outcome you desire is going to happen.  You can imagine it, you really want it, you are emotionally aligned with it and you just know that it’s going to happen. You believe that it’s possible.

In fact, in the same way, you just as easily attract into your lives things that you don’t really want to happen.  You pay attention to them consistently, you spend time focusing on them and you just ‘know’ that they are going to happen, even though you don’t’ really want them to.

So how can you bring your true desires, aims and visions into being, when you don’t have that same conviction, the ones that you want but just don’t know will happen.  How do you get from ‘not knowing’ to ‘knowing’?  Is it simply positive thinking, or is there more to it?

Ultimately you have to align your emotional connection and your beliefs with your vision so that you take inspired action that will bring your vision into being.

When I was working on a new business vision last November I knew what I wanted to achieve, but I couldn’t hold the vision in my mind’s eye, because I couldn’t believe that I could bring it into reality. So I had to look at what was blocking me.  Did I really want it?  Were my thoughts and beliefs supporting it?  Was I emotionally excited by the idea or was I fearful?  Where was I out of alignment?

With the help of a coach I clarified what I really wanted, I felt passionate about achieving it, but I still couldn’t believe that it could happen.  It was my mindset that was the block.  Even though part of my own work involves helping other people uncover and move through their blocks, and I have lots of skills and tools at my disposal, I don’t always find it easy to support myself through the process.  So I took myself to a local therapist who helped me to pinpoint and release the mental and emotional block that was holding me back.

That same weekend I had a fun afternoon cutting out pictures and words from various magazines and creating a board which represented my new vision and it now proudly adorns a wall in my home.  Even though I don’t know ‘how’ it will all come to be, I can now imagine it, I am excited by it, my actions are inspired by my vision and I just know it will happen, in fact some aspects already have.

So the next time your ‘positive thinking’ isn’t working for you then follow this process:

  1. Make sure that your vision truly inspires you.  Are you emotionally connected to it? What do you really want?
  2. Be honest with yourself about your beliefs.  Do you really believe that it can or will happen?
  3. Align your beliefs with your vision – get help to do this if necessary.
  4. Take inspired action, one step at a time. Does this action take you one step nearer your goal?
  5. Trust and enjoy the process


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