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Setting Authentic New Year’s Resolutions

So, I spent yesterday clearing the decks, so to speak.  I planned next week, prepared for a talk that I’m giving at two networking meetings, caught up with emails after the New Year break and I took down the Christmas decorations and gave the house a good clean.  Phew! All this to clear the space so that today I could have a free mind to access my goals for 2016!

So this morning I put on my dressing gown and wellies and plodded across the muddy field to let Jack and Bramble into their stables, for a feed and some respite from the wind and rain. Then I made Andy and I a cup of tea and climbed back into bed with my notepad and my list of goals for last year.

I started by noting my achievements for 2015.  It was fascinating to look back on my journey, to see what I had achieved, what’s in the pipeline and will be achieved this year and what was not achieved because it was actually completely unrealistic!

When I set my goals for 2015 my focus was on goals which were authentic and so I was pleased to reflect that they absolutely were. I had spent several years exploring authenticity and had become much clearer on what I really wanted to achieve for myself. But, as I reviewed my list I was struck by my lack of clarity between goals for the year and those which I might achieve at some point in the future. Although I had set authentic goals I had been unrealistic and I think that subconsciously this had, at times, been energetically draining!

So I praised myself for my achievements and felt compassion for myself as I realised that the pattern in my life of ‘trying to jump off the high-diving board before I’ve learnt to dive’ is still well and thriving!  However, perhaps it’s not such a bad pattern, if only I can learn to work with it in a different way.  After all, one of my gifts is to be able to see ‘the bigger picture’.

As I reviewed my notes it occurred to me that I didn’t have a clear distinction between my Vision, my Long Term Goals and the Goals that I authentically wanted to, and realistically could achieve in 2015.

I decided not to berate myself, for not using all that I’ve learned over my years of coaching and training, but instead to make better use of my experience and find a simple way to focus myself on my vision and goals for 2016.

Here’s a simple four step formula that I came up with for myself and it is my New Year offering to you to help you set authentic new year’s resolutions and make them happen!

Step 1 – Identify your  Vision.  I’ve only recently created a new vision, after reading Tamsen Garrie’s book ‘The Act of Attraction’ in Business and so all I need to do is read it again and make sure that it still feels good.

Step 2 – Identify your Long Term Goals. Write down all the goals that you can think of which will take you towards your Vision.

Step 3- identify your Goals for 2016.  For me, this is the part that needs more careful consideration than last year. Now I have to make a list of Goals for 2016 – from the HEART

  • Heart Based
  • Explicit
  • Authentic
  • Realistic
  • Time phased

Does this goal make you feel good – make your heart sing? Make your goal clear and specific. Make this goal truly YOURS?  Does it inspire YOU, is it for you and not a goal to please others, the Jones’ or to prove something to others. Is this goal realistic – can you imagine achieving it in 2016? Set a date by which time you want to achieve each goal – it will help you spread them through the year.

Step 4 – How to make your HEART goals happen. I asked myself this question: what have I learned, again from years of achieving, failing, learning and trying again, to be the most important factors to actually achieving the goals I set for myself? In answer to this question I came up with the 5 S’s!

  • Support – get the support  you need
  • Step into vulnerability – you have to get out of your comfort zone to achieve and it won’t feel comfortable?
  • Stick at it – persevere – it is hard work – but if your goals are authentic it will be worth it
  • Stay on track – it’s easy to get sidelined! Sometimes straying from the path will lead you to great adventures and is actually part of the journey, sometimes it’s a lack of focus, it’s helpful to know the difference!
  • Selebrate – (oops should that be a ‘c’!)  Take time to really enjoy each achievement, these moments are precious and you will be on the road towards the next goal only too soon!

In fact, now that I write this I’m going to add to my list of goals for 2016, to take more time to acknowledge my achievements and find different ways to celebrate!

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