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equine facilitated learning client with a horse

Take the time to immerse yourself, reflect and deepen your primary relationship – with yourself.

Connect qualifies you to apply for the advanced NOW programme and is an Eponaquest and Medicine Horse Way introductory workshop.

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Nature of Wisdom (NOW)

equine facilitated learning group exercise with horse

Awaken to your life purpose through the Way of the Horse with the advanced NOW programme.

Experience a profound journey of self-discovery with this two-part, intensive exploration of equine facilitated learning.

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Wellbeing Coaching

Wellbeing coaching creates the space for you to discover the joy of being your true self. You gain clarity and direction and learn how to develop trust in relationships, improve confidence and self-esteem and see a greater perspective of what’s possible.

Congruence is key to our emotional wellbeing. How you feel on the inside needs to match how you present on the outside. When this is in balance, you can make authentic choices and live a happier, more peaceful life.

“I have discovered what makes my heart sing, I have rediscovered my confidence and I’ve reconnected with myself.” AB

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My own personal journey and a lifetime of being around horses have taught me the importance of creating a connection and flow between the four key elements of mind, body, emotion and spirit.

A few years ago I created a Masterclass which gives you an insight into my approach and how I can support you in finding clarity, peace and more joy in your life.

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“Rosie’s helped me with coping strategies, enabled me to analyse my reactions and allowed me to objectively see a way forward.”