Be Grateful

In a world where we are driven to succeed, we often don’t stop and have gratitude for what we already have in our lives.

I know that, for me, I often fostered a belief that, if I was satisfied with what I had, I wouldn’t move forward and excel. This propelled me to be looking for what I could do to improve my life and not to appreciate what I already had.

Holding this belief at times propelled me to excel, but at other times kept me from taking the time to enjoy what I’d achieved.

What if I could hold both alongside each other i.e. be grateful with what I already have in my life and be open to what else I desire?

When I woke this morning, I paid attention to my feelings, I felt relaxed and my body completely felt completely supported by our bed. I felt grateful for the opportunity of a ‘holiday’ – it’s Easter Sunday. I noticed the thought that came was gratitude for being self-employed and the freedom that brings in my life. (I have to admit that was quickly followed by thoughts of all the challenges of being self-employed, but I chose to allow myself to acknowledge the gratitude for the freedom!)

This process led me to remember other things that I am grateful for in my life and as I brought them into my awareness I noticed that my shoulders and body felt really warm, my breathing felt strong and regular. My toes tingled.

From what I’ve read, allowing myself to feel gratitude and the physical sensations that come with it, creates an optimum healing environment for my body, mind and spirit and to attracting more things into my life to be grateful for.

So, I stopped writing and allowed myself to really feel the gratitude. My whole body rippled with waves of warmth and tingliness (if there is such a word?!) I felt peaceful.

“Peace is the gratitude for what you have been given without wanting more”   Prem Rawat

Then my mind sent me images of what I needed to do today and of things that I’m aspiring to achieve. In that moment, I realised that I have a choice. I can choose to stay in the ‘resonance’ of gratitude or be drawn off into the resonance of ‘wanting more’ or desire.

And then came the idea that I could hold both alongside each other. What if I embrace a resonance of gratitude and from that experience go about my day, working towards my next aims and desires?

As I wrote those words my body let out a big sigh, as though it was saying ‘finally, she gets it!’

But, what if I can’t feel grateful for anything right now, I hear some of you ask (because in challenging times that’s what’s happened to me)! Then there must be a limiting belief which is blocking you. What belief is preventing you from accessing gratitude?

My limiting belief was: “If I allow myself to be grateful I will get stuck and never move forward”

Others are:

  • “I can’t be grateful and desire more at the same time”
  • “I should be grateful for what I have and not expect more”
  • “It’s greedy to want more when so many have so little”

Once I had made my limiting belief conscious I was able to find something to feel grateful for and, at the same time, know that I could continue to work towards my desires.

When we hold more healthy beliefs we can have harmony between gratitude and desire.

My healthy belief is: “I am grateful for what I already have in my life and I am open to what else I desire”

Others are:

“Being grateful with where I am allows me to enjoy the present, while desiring more drives me to take action for the future”

“Having gratitude attracts people and circumstances that will assist me in accomplishing my future desires”

To develop your ability to experience a balance of gratitude and desire in your life try this simple 4 step process.

4 step gratitude process

Set 10 – 15 minutes aside

  1. Focus on what you are grateful for in your life right now. This must be something that you are ‘genuinely’ thankful for (and not something you think that you should be grateful for!) Allow your mind to explore and be curious about your answers. Notice and observe your train of thought and the different experiences that come forward for acknowledgement and appreciation.
  2. If you cannot find something to be grateful for then search for the limiting belief that’s stopping you and bring it into your conscious awareness. Repeat this process until you find something that you are grateful for.
  3. Bring your awareness into your body and notice the physical sensations that this ‘resonance’ of gratitude brings. Stay with these feeling as long as it feels comfortable.
  4. When you feel, or think that it’s time to ‘move’ and get on with your day, make a conscious choice to act from this place of gratitude.








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