Create the Space to Choose

“Between stimulus and response is our greatest power – the freedom to choose”    Stephen R. Covey


Many of us are operating on autopilot believing that our lives are a series of ‘must do’s’ and ‘have to’s’.

But what if everything in our lives is actually a choice?

Yes, any trauma we’ve endured wasn’t our fault, and, how we choose to respond and move forwards from it is entirely our responsibility. No one else can do it for us!

And whilst we may not think that we have experienced trauma, when we explore the behavioural patterns we developed in childhood we all have a story to tell! For example, even a seemingly positive experience such as being consistently praised for being ‘a good girl’ can lead to a tendency to ‘people please’, which at it’s worst can lead us to overwhelm and burnout.

As we start to claw our way back down from perpetually living in our stress response, we can begin to see that, in each moment, we have the freedom to choose – our habitual reaction, OR, something different.

But to get to this point we need to create space – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.


This retreat style workshop will give you the opportunity to: –

  • Pause & breathe
  • Reflect and learn
  • Co-‘create the space to choose’ with us, the horses, and a small group of likeminded people to get an embodied sense of those fleeting opportunities where real change can occur


‘Create the space to choose’ will deepen your ability to: –

  • Simply ‘be’
  • Accept your true feelings
  • Sit in uncomfortable emotions without panicking
  • Build tolerance
  • Witness your ‘triggers’ as opportunities to respond differently
  • Release expectations and develop self compassion
  • Embody a process of change and growth

“All you can do is create a space for transformation to happen, for grace and love to enter”    Eckhart Tolle


Practical information:

Co-facilitators:          Rosie Withey & Abbie Tagney

Cost:                           £355 including lunch each day

Time/Dates:              6pm Thursday 20th October to 5pm Saturday 22nd October

Venue:                       Trealy Farm, Monmouth NP25 4BL



There are a number of accommodation options available at Trealy Farm,  ranging from ecopods, shepherd huts a self contained barn to rooms in the farmhouse with a shared bathroom or a caravan.  The ecopods, shepherd huts and barn are self-contained. If you choose to stay in the house the kitchen is available in the pavilion for your use to make breakfast and an evening meal.

Accommodation can be booked with Ruth Tudor at Trealy Farm once the deposit for the workshop is paid.


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