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Equine Facilitated Learning 1-1 Sessions

Equine Facilitated Learning: 1:1 Personal Development Sessions

image of a 1-1 coaching session inspired by the eponaquest method of equine facilitated learning, near bristol uk

Set in a beautiful, rural environment in Somerset near Bath and Bristol, my one-to-one sessions use a combination of coaching, theoretical discussion, creative activities and, of course, reflective and active experiences with the horses.

We can learn so much from horses, and time spent mindfully in their presence can help to spark ‘aha’ moments in which our theoretical knowledge transmutes into real understanding. Private 1-1 EFL sessions are a good way to begin to integrate those lessons into our everyday life as they offer the opportunity to explore specific topics, themes or areas for self-development.

Some people will choose the privacy and individual attention of a 1-1 session as their first experience of Equine Facilitated Learning, whereas others choose to have individual sessions after a workshop to support their ongoing process and journey. Private sessions can be experienced as 2hr sessions, a 6 week programme of 2hr sessions, ½ day or whole day experiences.

Some of the benefits of EFL:

client and horse connection

  • Tune into yourself and honour your true feelings
  • Overcome anxiety and access inner peace and calm
  • Set clear, consistent, and healthy boundaries
  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Build confidence and self esteem
  • Develop focus and clarity
  • Create honest and authentic relationships to yourself, others, and your community
  • Reconnect to your sense of purpose and direction


2 hour sessions – One off 1:1 session £185, ongoing sessions £140
6-week programme of 2 hr sessions – £700
½ day (10am – 1pm or 2- 5pm) – £250
Whole day (10am – 4pm including lunch) – £420
Relax & regenerate (whole day including treatment with Vanessa Withey) – £420
Where – Brickyard Farm, Clutton BS39 5QJ


If you want to make significant progress it can often take time and support to integrate new skills and establish new ways of being. I offer block bookings of 2hr sessions or ½, 1 or 2 day experiences with coaching calls in between.

In EFL sessions you spend time in the presence of horses and interact with them on the ground, either in the fields or indoor spaces. No riding is involved and NO previous experience of horses is required.

You are welcome to book an initial free consultation so that we can get to know each other and establish if it can be an effective coaching relationship.

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Themes and Questions

Here are a few themes & questions that my coaching approach can help you to explore. Each session will support you to gain deeper self-awareness and incorporate discussion, reflective and interactive time with the horses supported by appropriate theoretical material.
Image of horses grazing. rider training in somerset near bath and bristol


Do you have confidence in yourself, your abilities, your relationships, your horse, your work?
How do you cope if you become debilitated by negative self-talk?
What gives you the confidence to stand up for yourself?
What are your unique gifts and talents and how do you acknowledge them?
What is your authentic leadership style?
How might engaging with horses develop your confidence?


What do you do when you are you stuck and don’t know what’s blocking you?
How can you connect with what is really important in your life?
What gives you the time and space to reflect and find clarity?
What difference does it make to your life when you listen to your gut instincts and trust your intuition?
What emotions are you happy to acknowledge and which ones do you resist?
Are you listening to your heart?
Do you make time in your life to play?
How do you feel when you are clear about your direction/passion/purpose in life?
How can horses help bring you into the present moment?

Boundaries & Relationships

Do you find it difficult to say ‘No’?
What would it feel like to set a boundary calmly and clearly when someone oversteps your boundary?
How do you feel when someone doesn’t want to engage with you?
How can you explore mutual respect in relationship with a horse?
How do you sense a lack trust and confidence in your relationships?
How can you develop honest and clear communication?
What helps you to resolve conflict in a relationship?
What do you notice in the relationship with your horse?
How can you build a deeper connection?

Sensitivity – Intuition – Authenticity

image of a happy horse running in a field during an equine facilitated learning session near Bristol ukHow do you view your sensitivity – as a gift or a challenge?
How do you cope when people seem to give you mixed messages? i.e. when you feel they are not who they say they are.
Do you become overwhelmed in social situations and withdraw?
How would your life be different if you could be more present and not disassociate?
How can horses help you develop your ‘sixth sense’?
Do you find yourself adapting to suit everyone else and you yearn to be yourself?
Would you like to feel comfortable in your own skin?
What does it feel like when you are authentic and true to yourself?
What do horses have to teach us about authenticity?

Social & emotional wellbeing

Even though you are part of a lovely family/workplace do you sometimes feel isolated/disconnected and as if you don’t belong?
Are you the ‘black sheep’ in the family?
What does it mean to love and accept yourself as you are?
What would it feel like to be a part of an authentic community?

How would it feel to have less stress and more peace and calm in your life?
How do you respond to your emotions?
Do you know what your emotions are trying to tell you, so that you can respond, rather than suppress them?
What emotions are you happy to acknowledge and which ones do you resist?
How does it feel when you are able to trust your gut instincts?
How do you express joy, fun and creativity in your life?
What do horses have to teach us about going with the flow of our emotions?

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Relax & Regenerate

Enjoy a morning of wisdom and Personal Development with Rosie and the horses followed by a relaxing afternoon of pampering with Vanessa Withey.

Vanessa is fully qualified in Beauty and Complementary Therapies, such as massage, facials, manicures and pedicures. Simply visit Vanessa’s website, choose treatments totalling 1hr 30mins, then Contact Rosie to book.

Choose TreatmentsBook a Day

The Day:
10am to 1pm: Personal development with Rosie1pm: Light lunch

2pm to 3:30pm: Pampering with Vanessa

3:30 pm to 4pm:
Tea and a review of the day

cost: £420